The 12 elements of a marketing breakthrough


There are 2 types of marketing professionals:

  1. Those who get marketing results and
  2. those with stories about why they didn’t achieve what they wanted.

Making the impossible possible: The 12 elements of a marketing breakthrough.

1. Your past does not equal your future – decide which brand you want to be and move forward. Don’t let your future be dictated by your past experience.

2. Every day you must visualise clearly about the brand you want to be. You must make this visualisation vivid and precise. It’s a matter of business focus.

3. To decide when and how to grow your brand efforts you need to know how is your brand currently performing and its strengths.

4. There is always a way if you are committed. If you are not 100 percent committed to your brand goals, you are going to find it difficult to make progress.

5. There are no marketing failures, only marketing outcomes—as long as you learn something you are moving forward. Learn, optimise, learn, optimise, learn…

6. If you can’t do it, you must do it ; if you must do it, you can do it. Are you ready?

7. You must find great insights in little things…brand engagement… new target audiences… disrupting the market.

8.  Make all of your marketing communications adopt a customer focus tone and outlook. You should work every day to prepare your business for customer engagement.

9. You must create your own marketing reality and be responsible for what you create.

10. If you are confused with the marketing landscape, you are about to learn something new – embrace it.

11. Every day your brand exists is a great day to positively engage with your audience.

12. Marketing success brings higher business and customer expectations, more work and more visibility. If you aren’t ready to deal with these things, you aren’t ready for marketing success. Success is within your reach, but you must follow up!

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Source : (Freelance Senior Digital Transformation Expert)